Unwrapping Mail Goodies – Holiday Season!

Hi Guys!
Just got new boxes in the mail and decided to open them with you!
Hope you like it!!!

Benefit Hauliday Products:

They’re Real Macara: http://bit.ly/1QEGp4Q
Real Cheeky Party Blush Palette: http://bit.ly/1RDokUL
Party Poppers Makeup Set: http://bit.ly/1Znet70
POREfessional Agent Zero: http://bit.ly/1OlcCxH
POREfessional Primer: http://bit.ly/1Tf1KQ0
Total Moisture Facial Cream: http://bit.ly/1YyGIx2
Boo Boo Zap: http://bit.ly/1Oifp4n
Cha Cha Tint: http://bit.ly/22nvccP
Air Patrol: http://bit.ly/1OIDwK2
Cha Cha Balm: http://bit.ly/1InaPWr
Posie Balm: http://bit.ly/1mxY5SV
Lemon Aid Eyelid Primer: http://bit.ly/1OIDL7P
Roller Lash Mascara: http://bit.ly/1OIDPo5
Puff Off Eye Gel: http://bit.ly/1m653P6
Dallas Blush: http://bit.ly/1U2nSgB
Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist: http://bit.ly/1NAuhxV
Dream Screen SPF 45: http://bit.ly/1mfDr9G
High Brow: http://bit.ly/1keMKp6
Lolli Tint: http://bit.ly/1PkeeGT
Lolli Balm: http://bit.ly/1OifIwd
Bene Balm: http://bit.ly/1NAuYHn
Longwear Powder Shadow: http://bit.ly/1mfDIJR

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